Our Mission, Our Promise                     


Funding Resources Mortgage Corporation is committed to being a leader in the mortgage banking industry based on our unique ability to integrate superior quality lending practices, uncompromising integrity and unprecedented client service. These attributes allow us to exceed the expectations of our borrowers, referral partners and loan officers. 


Our Operating Principles

Borrowers  We will demonstrate the highest ethical and lending standards supported by uncompromising integrity and professionalism. We recognize that home ownership is the ultimate American dream and one of the largest financial transactions individuals will make. Every loan is as important to us as it is to you.

Realtors, Builders and Referral Partners  We will treat every strategic partner with courtesy and respect. We will exceed our partner’s expectations for communication, responsiveness and honesty. at FRMC, we understand that the borrowers experience is a direct reflection on our Referral Partner's reputation.

Loan Officers      We will create an environment in which every loan officer will have complete confidence in FRMC's ability to originate loans efficiently and effectively. Loan officers will be secure in their knowledge that FRMC will remain on the cutting edge of technology to enhance their success. We are proud to be selected and entrusted by loan officers to help build their business.

What Makes Funding Resources Special?

Founder Elly Krieger created Funding Resources Mortgage Corporation on a platform of superior quality lending practices, uncompromising integrity and unprecedented client service. FRMC is a client-focused mortgage-banking firm designed to make every clients’ mortgage experience pleasant and successful. FRMC accomplishes this goal by providing each client with a dedicated single point of contact from application through closing. Access to status or a response to questions is always available directly from this dedicated person. At FRMC there is no red tape, just swift and exceptional service. 

Funding Resources is a Licensed Mortgage Banker allowing us the ability to manage every aspect of the lending process. FRMC underwrites and approves loans in addition to the preparation of closing documents at our corporate headquarters.

FRMC provides flexible and affordable lending programs directly to consumers. We offer a complete line of residential loans on; one to four family dwellings, condominiums, and co-ops; for owner occupied and investment, purchase and refinancing. Our programs include fixed-rate loans, interest-only loans and adjustable-rate mortgages. 

The FRMC team of qualified professionals will make your experience of buying or refinancing a home enjoyable and satisfying. To schedule your free consultation with one of our dedicated mortgage specialists, please call today at 888-FRM-FRMC, email at info@fundingrmc.com or visit our contact page here